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Jo is the lead loan writer at Hastie Mortgages and she describes her role as scooping up the paperwork and putting loan applications together once mortgage advisers Campbell and Paula have done the advice related stuff.

Originally from England, Jo enjoyed travelling and fancied a change. In 2007 she came to New Zealand with her young children, planned on staying for two years, and then getting back to the UK when the little ones were ready to start school. Like most migrants, Jo fell in love with New Zealand, “I mean, what’s not to love? The beaches, the lifestyle, the freedom to spend more time with the kids.” And so, they stayed.

Back in England, Jo worked in banks and building societies – always in a financial environment. On deciding to stay in New Zealand, Jo accepted a job in the insurance industry, purely because the hours fitted with her new family-oriented lifestyle. Her last job was with a mortgage company where she started loan writing and putting applications together, then Campbell bought the company, and she is still enjoying the work.

Jo looks at the information provided by the customers, gets a brief from the advisers about which bank will fit best, and then collects the evidence to write a story for the bank. Her favourite part of the job? The long journeys…

“Often clients who just aren’t ready to get a mortgage yet will come through. The conversations then are around financial management and getting things in order so that they will get approval on their application. Once that’s done, we at Hastie stay involved. We hear about the highs and lows of house hunting and auctions, then the first time…

“I remember when I got the keys to my first home (and second for that matter), it’s a hell of a feeling. So being able to help someone else get that feeling is very rewarding.”




It’s quite scary and communication plays a huge part in ensuring everything is expected and under control. Jo encourages clients to ask questions, whatever it is that’s on their minds.

Jo declares that she’s quite boring in her spare time, which is completely untrue.

On delving a little deeper, one of the things Jo enjoys is what she calls ‘old people yoga’. It’s called Yin Yang Yoga and it blends two styles, passively holding yoga poses with more dynamic sequences and standing postures. She also goes for a couple of good walks a week with friends – with a seated desk job, you need to just to keep sane and fit!


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