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About Hastie Mortgages

If the term mortgage adviser paints a picture of an analytical, stuffy, buttoned-up, box ticker, then we’re here to break that mould.

We’re a little different and we think it’s a great advantage. Over the past 12 years, we’ve been helping people get into their own homes, and we’ve got the art of securing finance and sourcing the most competitive mortgage rates down pat.

So what makes us different? We’re Auckland experts and we’re first home experts. We’re in tune with the market. We’re perceptive. And we speak straight, in language you’ll understand – not banking jargon.

We know how big this step is for you, and while we’ve signed mortgages many times before, it doesn’t get old. We’re here to serve, to simplify the process, to speak reason, and to get your mortgage sorted. Welcome home.

About Us

Knowledge, Integrity, and people.

At Hastie Mortgages, we are known as the people who help you put it all together. Getting a mortgage isn’t just abouthow much you can borrow. It’s about you and your future. Our team prides itself on delivering a mortgage product that isn’t a oneoff deal, it’s a financial journey to freedom and security.

Always do the right thing by peopleit’s our core value at Hastie Mortgages. We have the knowledge, we are in the industry all day and every day, and knowledge controls access to opportunity and advancement. But without integrity, knowledge is useless, and it all comes down to doing right by people.

Our clients don’t come asking for a mortgage, they want a home, an investment, to renovate, sort their grandmother out, they’re getting a divorce or any number of personal situations that require a mortgage.


Fear, rejection, and worry.

You’re coming to us, exposing your financials and future hopes. That requires trust. A great fear people have is being judged and rejected. And whilst we might be talking about interest rates, the core of the matter is worry. Worrying about whether you can do this or not.

Hastie Mortgages have attracted a team of people who are perceptive, and trustworthy and are here to serve you in achieving the best mortgage outcome possible.

Sometimes rejection in life is redirection. In our experience, it’s never a ‘no and don’t come back’. We always diagnose the issue and put the control back in your hands.
The three questions we start with are;

    1. What are you trying to achieve – what is the end goal?
    2. What are you contributing – how much deposit do you have?
    3. Can you afford it – what’s your income like?

We provide advice for funding on first homes, additional properties like holiday homes, investment properties, using (or being) the bank of Mum and Dad, and loans for renovations to your property.


Why Hastie Mortgages?

Mortgage advisers don’t generally charge, therefore there’s no commitment from you upfront. Thus, we must deliver on detail, service, and a genuine relationship – all of which come easily to the Hastie Mortgages team. Our clients come back and that is the biggest reason why you should make use of us too.

Sometimes, we do have to give news you don’t want to hear, but we’ll also produce a solution on how to fix it so that you can get the ‘yes’ you are seeking. We deal with things sensibly and realistically, framing up where you’re at to get a rough idea. If that looks good, we’ll dive deeper into the detail. And if that looks good, we’ll do an application for the right product with the right lender.

Not only do we uncover the wrinkles in your bank statements to get a higher success rate, but we also uncover the conditions of the loan. It must suit you and your lifestyle – budgets, payments, and timeframes.

Our team has a way of explaining complexities in a simple manner, with no bank jargon or adviser lingo, just common sense, and a people-first promise. Click here to meet the team (links to new team index page).

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.

 Happy Clients

"If you’re even beginning to dream about buying a house, before you go any further, read Campbell’s e-book, ‘The Bank Said Yes!’ It is a straight forward and incredibly knowledgeable explanation of what to expect when looking for a mortgage, especially your first mortgage. It covers all you will need to know, things you may not have thought about and things you perhaps wanted to ask a bank but were afraid to."

Simon Lempriere, Money Mentalist International Ltd, Auckland, Sept 2017

"I felt Campbell was very efficient in his approach to accessing and attaining a loan for me. I found Campbell to be compassionate, thorough, persistent against all odds and meticulous in his communications throughout the whole process."

Penny, Auckland

"Campbell Hastie provided us with a friendly, prompt and professional service. At each visit he has always come well prepared and presented my husband and I with different scenarios taking into our account our current situation and consideration of our future family plans."

Bronwynne & Jason Eastabrook, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa

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