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Campbell Hastie – Mortgage Adviser

Campbell Hastie is the owner and mortgage adviser at Hastie Mortgages and has been the energy behind the business since 2005.

He regards himself as a fairly straightforward person who likes to keep things simple and says that doing the right thing by people is arguably all you need to do to be successful. In his own words “I reckon life is pretty simple. Just do what you what you say, keep it real and don’t be a dick”. Words to live by.

It’s for this reason, people put their trust in him and the wider team. The team all do what they say they will do, and they all believe in treating people how they wish to be treated. “Some people might think that that sounds like a woke claptrap but it’s true. My guys live it and breathe it”

Campbell attended boarding school which involved going to church three times a week and he rates it as a great upbringing, being able to sing and hang out with his mates, as well as having some morality and the discipline of routine instilled. He describes routine as a great framework for life – that it might be boring, but all those who partake, tend to achieve in life. “I was never an A grade student but I kept on turning up and that’s what made it count”.

Campbell didn’t know what to do when school was done, he describes what he does now, as something he ‘fell into’.

At Auckland University, he started with an arts degree and a psychology major – just because it looked interesting. Twelve months later he decided that a BSc had more clout than a BA so he cross-credited, but got halfway through that and realised he didn’t want to be a shrink – as interesting as it was. He picked up a commerce degree with a management major, and quite enjoyed the law component. “I’m living proof that brains are not required to get two degrees. I just kept on showing up and doing the mahi”.

And that’s where it all began to make sense. “A BCom and BSc don’t really qualify you for anything but they do show you can solve problems. It turns out the problems I like solving have a financial element and an emotional element. Like getting a mortgage to buy a house”.


His path into the mortgage business actually began in the life insurance industry, and the catalyst that made him change into mortgage advising was an important misstep by his boss at the time. “The company had made a boo-boo and my boss told me to handle the situation in a particular way, a way that I just wasn’t comfortable with. The following day, I resigned because you just don’t treat people like that”.

Campbell is often described by his customers as having a ‘magic wand’, and when you know his history, you can see why. He knows it’s all about the people – that’s where the psychologist comes in. He must go through the paperwork in detail – that’s where the lawyer comes in. Put that together with his values and there you have it, Hastie Mortgages.

“When someone has to be quite invasive in your financials, that person has to really trust you. I’m not sure why it happens, but I seem to be able to get to the point reasonably quickly, where people just let it out and tell me everything.”

Not a movie person, Cam is more a non-fiction book person which started at university with what you had to read. Topics over the last few years has been more property or fishing-related, but unsurprisingly, still technical. His Insta account is crammed with fly fishing adventures.

Once you get to know Campbell, you’ll realise his passion is people. Then fishing. And more fishing.

Cam is kind, honest and pragmatic – in all areas of his life. Give him a call or send him an email, start the conversation and experience what all his clients say – “extremely professional”, “fantastic to work with”, “he’s a bloody great guy”, “they really care and will go the extra mile”, “friendly, approachable, calm and confident”, and “thrilled with the result”. Check out his Google reviews, we’re not kidding.


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